Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Am Legion Version 1.2 Released!

The largest and most feature packed update since start of mod. New features aim to challenge and completely recreate the way you play Dying Light! Systems that have been recreated by this mod include:

Entire Looting system overhauled,
Entire Weapon balance/pricing system overhauled,
Entire AI behavioral system overhauled,
Entire Day/Night system overhauled,
Entire Trader system overhauled,
Entire Weather and time system overhauled,
GUI system rebuilt to be less intrusive,
3 New and Unique Difficulty systems,
and that's just the subject heading of all the modifications done!

The latest version brings these new features to players!

Immersive nights -
Casual Survivor - Players will now get normal zombies during the day and runners and walkers at night as requested!
Stealth Realism - Zombies can be crept by if not seen but they are listening for any signs of life (quiet maneuvering), brought back ability for them to hear mic system for coop (bypass-able if using external chat for those who don't want this feature).
More interactive zone attacks - Based on level of noise, zombies are easier to upset, so if risking night missions you'll need to have a strong team or go stealth!
Zombies investigate noises - Zombies are drawn towards city sounds such as airdrops, explosions, running, talking, etc. Makes exiting a safe house harder and getting to air drops more difficult at night.

New inventory system -
All weapons - Based on realistic prices, no more wrenches for $4874. Weapons based around realistic need for the weapon, durability versus handling versus damage. All loot prices lowered so new system fits a realistic money system, no more carrying around $12000 each run. Pipes, Hammers, and wrenches are better off used till breaking because resell value is $11.

Gameplay -
Looting - A necessary risk, forces players to take the time to prepare before attempting missions.
Harder GUI - Removes crosshairs, coop indicators, thrown explosive indicators, etc.
Contact the GRE - No longer stand on the phone in infected areas! Now move with your phone when dialing and then switch to weapon during conversation!
Starter Bundle - Pistol and ammo received after tutorial!
Aberration Begone - Updated and latest removal of Aberration from game!
Sprint in Intro - Added ability to run during introduction!
Encounters - Continued effort to make Rais's men more aware and harder to fight!
Skins - All DLC skins unlocked and available at start! Makes for a better COOP experience.
Cash - More scarce depending on difficulty installed. Ultimate survivor has to fight and loot to buy most to all items!

Traders -
Unique traders - Each trader has been customized based on their location to influence what they sell. HQ's sell the most items with firearms and ammo, while smaller cities on the outskirts such as the fishing village sell more crafting and basic weapons. Makes the player have to plan their path so they can restock on ammo at the main bases or select vendors.
Trader Sell Values - Decreased re-sell value with higher difficulty. Makes game require a lot of looting and selling to afford ammo and new weapons!

And more to come!
Come join the discussion and bring your suggestions to the table!

to get the latest edition!

Make your $60 worth it.

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