Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to Banoi - Dead island mod

While we are all waiting for the upcoming release of "Dying Light" next year for our next zombie thriller game, I thought I would take another look at Dead Island to find out if the game play could be enhanced a little bit. So after a little work, I'm proud to upload and release "Back to Banoi"!

**Pictures taken with Weather mods from these two links Resort Weather mod Morseby City weather mod


Extract to ...My Documents/Dead island/

- Added firearms throughout the game and made them almost a requirement for large area clearing.
- Shops now sell firearms and ammo, you'll need to use them to survive. But I did not make it unrealistic.
Act 1 - Shotguns and 9mm, Act 2 - Auto Rifles, shotguns, and one vender with Desert Eagle, Act 3 - Single shot rifles and guns more common for open jungle.  
- The infected know you are out there, and they want to find you.
- Head shot kills are the easiest way to stop your enemy, but if you need to beat them down you can
- All weapons have been re-balanced! 
- Harder difficulty, watch your back, their bite is lethal.
- In the city, RUN RUN RUN! It will take a team to clear some areas unless you stock up with alot of ammo and are a great shot.
- Be prepared to beat the crap out of the big zombies to bring them down!

How I did the weapon classes:
Wooden: Weakest weapons, break easy! The default had weapons like sticks extremely strong. 
Metal: Thin weapon - Easier to break, less stamina use | Thick - Tough but cost more stamina to use
Spiked: Lots of damage!
Heavy Blunt: Tear them down to bone! Try to get them on their backs and go for the head.

I wish that I could completely redo all the textures and add more in for this game but the developers made that very hard to do. This mod is compatible with all mods that effect the maps. If you want to add different mods but keep my shops info, just don't replace Shops.scr in the data folder. If you have information on how to edit maps or modify spawns (I have tried the spawn mod out there and its terrible, game glitches too bad for me to realistically use it), please contact me at! Happy Gaming!

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