Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cabin in the Woods Year 2

Gathered up everyone and we all headed back into the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here are a few of my shots, the rest can be seen in my album.

 photo IMG_1924_zpsa5841355.jpg

 photo IMG_2041_zps367f614d.jpg

 photo IMG_2146_zpsd3ca8c85.jpg

 photo IMG_2064_zpsd0db4359.jpg

 photo IMG_2459_zps78c52923.jpg

 photo IMG_2826_zps3346dd39.jpg

 photo IMG_2754_zps3693471c.jpg

 photo IMG_3009_zpsd70a31be.jpg

 photo IMG_2931_zps7500bfaf.jpg

 photo IMG_3267_zps08074aae.jpg

 photo IMG_3074_zps9fe28d28.jpg

 photo IMG_3106_zps30e2d5c0.jpg

 photo IMG_3414_zpsac1dbe77.jpg

Full Album - Link

Monday, July 21, 2014

zBrush Project - Jane Doey

A continued study of the female anatomy and many attempts at trying to make it look realistic.

My attempt at female underwear, my clothing program didnt understand the mesh without underwear so here we go.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Tribute to Jacob Bronowski

Jacob Bronowski (18 January 1908 – 22 August 1974) was a Polish-Jewish British mathematician,
biologist, historian of science, theater author, poet and inventor. He is best remembered as the presenter and writer of the 1973 BBC television documentary series, The Ascent of Man, and the accompanying book.

"The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation...
The values by which we are to survive are not rules for just and unjust conduct, but are those deeper illuminations in whose light justice and injustice, good and evil, means and ends are seen in fearful sharpness of outline." -Jacob Bronowski


  • The Poet's Defence (1939)
  • William Blake: A Man Without a Mask (1943)
  • The Common Sense of Science (1951)
  • The Face of Violence (1954)
  • Science and Human Values. New York: Julian Messner, Inc. 1956, 1965.
  • William Blake: The Penguin Poets Series (1958)
  • The Western Intellectual Tradition, From Leonardo to Hegel (1960) - with Bruce Mazlish
  • Biography of an Atom (1963) - with Millicent Selsam
  • Insight (1964)
  • The Identity of Man. Garden City: The Natural History Press. 1965.
  • Nature and Knowledge: The Philosophy of Contemporary Science (1969)
  • William Blake and the Age of Revolution (1972)
  • The Ascent of Man (1974)
  • A Sense of the Future (1977)
  • Magic, Science & Civilization (1978)
  • The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination (1978)
  • The Visionary Eye: Essays in the Arts, Literature and Science (1979) - edited by Piero Ariotti and Rita Bronowski.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

zBrush Project - Female Anatomy Study

Trying to build a female model from the ground up. Went really basic and slowly moving up detail on different areas. Slow progress but hopefully less than 2 weeks worth of work should suffice.

Day 1 - Basic build

Day 2 - Small details

Day 3 -

Day 4 - Final for Base mesh

After some time I went back and messed with the final, I left out too much and my proportions were off.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

zBrush Project - One-Eye

I wanted to make a character purely from fiction, so I choose the character "One-Eye" from the book series "The Black Company" by Glen Cook. The character is a battle hardened companion, so I'm trying to go for an aged look. The character in the book is in his late 100's, so I'm trying to do all I can to age accordingly. The skin has to tuck close to the skull and around the neck is stringy and loose, very hard to mold onto a mesh.

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3 -

Day 4 - FINAL