Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Am Legion - 1.19b!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we have come a long way. Thank you for all your support, donations and endorsements, comments and feedback.

I have just uploaded what I'm hoping will be a final fix for everyone with crashes. I am playing this version as we speak and it has run without error for over an hour. Please restart the game on a fresh save game, (I have just uploaded a new savegame from version 1.6 on dying light and 1.19b on I am Legion.)

Recommended combination pack:
Advanced Moves v0.21 (mad support!(,
Chromatic Aberration Begone v0.3(,
Minimal HUD (not working with arrow menu(
Make sure to Endorse and promote each modders hard work!

For anyone who finds the game perfect as is, I recommend turning off updates on steam! Too many times has this mod been broken for very few small feature updates from Techland, and unless something big releases, I want use all able to play without issue.

Version 2.0 will be a large update and will be in production over the summer, I'm looking to make 1.19a the last release for a while if this fixes everyone's issues. I have also contacted the creator of Advanced Moves and am looking to incorporate his mod into the installer if possible. If so this will be a part of 2.0.

That being said, please enjoy this mod, get your buddies together and play some coop this weekend.
Happy Gaming Everyone

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