Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Am Legion 1.21 Released with graphics overlay and darker nights!

Version 1.21 was released today with new graphics options!

Added new graphics overlay! 
(Choose HD in each version) -
Created with Reshade MasterEffect - added color balance, DPX, Lens effects (my own), bloom, godrays, sharpening, and SMAA all balanced and created by me.
Enabled in-game Static DOF with conjunction with Reshade.
Darker nights!

Comparison pictures:

AI -
New attempt to fix Rais's men aggression! Continue to give feedback on the ground!

Loot -
Fixed issue with Tin can not spawning enough (added to more containers)

Starter Kit -
Pistol added after tutorial mission when you goto sleep for the 1st time

Fixed missing GRE contact causing you to hold still on 1st mission
Added aggression to several NPCs around Harran so the world fights back

Trading -
Lowered resell values for Firearms

Inventory -
Updated remaining DLC weapons to pricing system

Environment -
Added stronger wind system, zombies become less alert during storm

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