Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Raised amid bounty and freedom, the American soldier seems a poor candidate to learn ex nihilo the craft of killing. How can a suburban teenager suddenly be asked to face and defeat the likes of zealots, whether on Okinawa's Shuri Line or at Fallujah in the Sunni Triangle?" - With the Old Breed - E. B. Sledge

Monday, May 21, 2012

Digital Society Challenge

Over the years I have been focused on the growing popular demand - computers and electronics. The world has changed due to the invention of amazing devices that keep us up to date with our friends at all times. People everywhere are constantly facebooking, texting, and skyping friends around the world or in their neighborhood. I even went so far as develope my own project for helping turn your house into an online device, complete connectability. This link to the wide world web has driven people to become dependant on computers to get their social experience. Where we once lived in a society where people wanted to go out in groups and travel to find new experiences, we now see a generation of people who would rather "share/tweet" than go out and find it themselves. Reading levels are droping, schools are finding less focus, and relationships are driven by the NEED to feel constantly loved by "likes" and posts. I should know, being overseas I can say that I was one of them.

Due to my job I had to exit my very close personal life that I had before the military. I used to be driven by listening to people and try to talk about things that mattered to different groups of people. Very recently I have started watching people again and have started to listen to relationship issues and problems. The more I listened, the more I realized the game has changed for my generation. Who in their right mind would have ever dreamed that so much jealousy and anger could be built up by such a simple things as text messages. Before this age people could exit their schools and go home to close friends to hang out with or daily activities; however, it would seem the new standard is to leave school and enter into a different social world until they goto sleep. This social world is not driven by the desire to learn or find something new, but to laugh at dumb stuff, like peoples mirror pictures, and post a link about how upset they are about the government or some movement they know very little about. The human relationship and dynamic has created a base around a popularity contest on facebook.

The other day I was reading the book "World War Z", a pretty shock-n-awe book about another zombie apocalypse. The difference between most zombie books and this one is they talk about rebuilding after 90% of the population has been killed. It broke down how most jobs these days require a computer to complete and that the average person barely knows how to change a tire, fix a window, and more importantly to their story restructure a government. Now, while I don't believe a zombie apocalypse is in our near future, I do feel that people must always be prepared for a collapse from the norm. Too many people are comfortable these days, buying equipment/electronics DESIGNED to die after 2 years, and then buying another after that one dies. Unless you want to be the guy on the losing end without the skills to survive you may want to take the time to develop at LEAST 1 skill. Common tasks that most people consider as too basic to mess with are skills that everyone should have down. Cooking, survival technics, basic medicine knowledge, how to fix a car, how to build from stratch, etc etc. Most people are going to argue one thing - Money. You can make a larger amount of money with a skill than you can waiting for the world to teach you something you have to apply in a cubical.

I want to present a challenge - exit your facebook/twitter life. I challenge you to track how many hours you spend on facebook/twitter a week. Once you add up how much time you either access a social network online either by phone or computer, try the next week to substitute that time with an activity - reading, skateboarding, running, lifting weights, watching lectures, etc etc. If you are one of the many I know who spend well over 8 hours a day talking or somehow connected to facebook/twitter, try the following - You don't have to delete facebook, simply delete all links to it when you get online (homepage, bookmarks, etc). Try steping away from facebook for a couple of weeks, read a new book and then get online and write about what you thought about it, or simply jump in your car and drive around to find a place to meet ANYONE new.

Life is too short for the amount of emotion people are placing themselves in by thinking you need to be an image online. Please share any new experiences you have, I want to talk about books you've read, ideas you've had, goals you want to accomplish, or simply things you'd love to learn. I'll do my best to do the same.

My hobbies/skills: Photography, all things computer related, graphics design, reading (check my favorite's section for book ideas), and travel.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don't Say I Don't Ever Help You Out

Free music anyone (spyware free)?

Here are your instructions: Goto -

  Then search the song you want, for example we will search "She Doesnt Mind - Sean Paul"

 As you can see you by my picture you can either click "Play" represented by the Windows Media Player icon or you can hit "Download" which is the downward arrow..

Once you have selected your song and hit download, this is what you will see. Hit Next to continue (highlighted on picture)
  Then go to the bottom of the screen and select "Klicken Sie hier zum Herunterladen" And you're downloading.


Firefox FTW

Since opening this blog, I've taken note of what browsers people are using to view my page. People ask me what the best web browser to use is, and my answers sometimes vary depending on what kind of work you do and the amount of multitasking you want to achieve; however, overall I would put my money on Firefox for the greatest amount of use-ability and their extensive addon selection. I decided to break down some of the bonuses of perks of using firefox.


Here is a list of the extensions used:

Adblock Plus: I have never had a single issue with advertising thanks to this plugin

Ant Video Downloader: Allows you to download any video from youtube or any website that is hosting video. Look to your bottom right corner of your browser while playing the video and it will download to the location of your choice. Great for getting music videos off of Youtube for later.

Cooliris: One of the more useful tools I've found. This can be used with any website with multiple images, and works great as a image search. Its display is easy to use and links to your facebook and google accounts for easy picture sharing. Even better to use with a touchscreen. This is also available for the iphone.

Download Statusbar: Gets rid of the annoying popup download window and places your downloads in an easy to monitor location.

FoxTab: This plugin reminds me of the loader for OSX safari. Allows you to place all of your favorite websites in a panel that is easy to choose from when starting your browser. You can change the theme and orientation of the sites to your own personal preference.

Personas: Customize the way your firefox looks with thousands of themes that easily apply to your browser if you're into the "my browser show my personality" thing.

Stylish: Ever wanted to change the way you look at websites? Well now you can, and you don't even have to try that hard. Once installed you can goto the addons options and go to a site that has thousands of styles already made that are easy to apply. Not necessary but sometimes makes browsing more enjoyable.
These are just a few of the addons I have found that make life easier on the web, there are numerous others and I'd like to hear if you've found any special addons that are close to your heart.

Xmarks: Have multiple computers running firefox? use this addon to sync all your bookmarks, favorites, and settings to all your other computers.


Don't pay for software that advertises optimizing your internet speeds, because the truth is that everything those programs do for $20 can be done in 5 minutes for free.

Method 1:
A few people may already know this trick but I'm sure many are too scared to try it. Its simple and wont damage your firefox browser, but what it will do is allow for faster browsing. When web browsers are published to the public they have to program according to numbers- the standard screen resolutions, the most common internet speeds, multi-tab use, etc. Firefox comes standard with settings that are medium grade connection speeds in order to balance for people who are using cable and people using DSN. To unlock and take advantage of your browsing ability follow these steps:
  • In the html bar type: "about:config"
  • ***!Don't bother with the warranty alert, you won't be changing anything to cause damage to browser.!
  • Type in "Network" and scroll down until you find these settings:

Once you have located these values, depending on your cable spe
ed use this multiplier to change the settings:

1mbps-6mbps: 1.2x
6mbps-10mbps: 2x
10mbps-16mbps+: 2.5x
So for example if you're using 6mbps then your default should be "network.http.max-connections;30" which multiplied by 2x then becomes "60". Simply double click the value on firefox and change them accordingly. For the "False" values change all to "True". Once you have these settings reconfigured you can now close out of firefox completely and reload. Try a few websites and see if you're browser load times and downloads do not increase. Let me know if you run into any complications. Happy to help.

Method 2:
This method is even easier to do and takes 50 seconds of your life to achieve. Granted it is not nearly as helpful as the above method but if you got scared off by the warranty message then this can still help you out.

Cache clear: Press "ctrl + shift + del"....yup thats it, check off the boxes that you don't want to keep and whip out all the extra storage that may slow down your browser or cause crashes. Also useful to get rid of annoying popups that may seem to tag along.

Private Browsing
Here's a helpful trick to the people who are scared the government is watching a don't want to be traced or have annoying cookies generated specially for you.

ON Private: Once you open your browser simply press: "ctrl + shift + P" to enter private mod. This is very useful for extra security when checking bank accounts and private emails.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not sure what to call this one.

Any ideas?

My favorite passions in Photography

The one thing that has always caught my eye in the photography world is slow motion capture and time lapse. Here is a small dedication to my favorite captures.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wallpaper Vote

I have submitted some of my work to a long time favorite photo website and I need help with votes. Please goto This link and vote for some of my pictures =) thank you.

Touch The Sky

Two of the pictures taken on my last snowboarding trip.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fire Dragon

Another filter applied to a picture taken on a snowboarding trip. Guy was doing a trick. Got lucky. Shot at 100ISO, 31mm, f/10, 1.3 sec

This was my 1st photo

On my Canon 60D. Kinda of a mistake turned beautiful. I put it through a few filters and enhanced it. Still cant believe I got it. No graphics done, just darkening and lighting

Photobucket Link


Next milestone - DUCATI Sport Classic 1000


This ones for the guys

The last one is the best.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A friend of mine turned me on to this video =) pretty funny.