Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Am Legion - Version 1.16

Today version 1.16 was released! With this new version comes the best of the mod to date.
This latest version focuses on bringing diversity and difficulty settings to each play style.

The Casual Survivor Mod:
If you played Dying Light and enjoyed the zombies shuffling around then this is your choice. Smart AI, more are looking for you and are slightly faster. Continued support of new loot system, harder human AI, and better intensity.

The Survivor Mod
A medium difficulty version of Ultimate Survivor. Your enemies run slower, but are still close on your heels, Don't stay still too long or you won't make it back.

The Ultimate Survivor Mod:
They smell you, they hear you, they stalk you, and they won't stop until they feed on you!
More spawns for zombies, Less time for areas to stay cleared.

New gameplay elements have been refined to fit your play style! 

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