Friday, January 31, 2014

Razr Maxx Verizon Phone -> Long Life WiFi Only

Man, with that price it's easy to see why trading to Republic wireless wasn't that hard ;)
 After switching over to my new phone service I was left with the question of what to do with my long battery life Razr Maxx. After doing some research I found a cool solution I thought I'd share.

The latest rage in android phones are "custom ROMS" - Android OS without bloatware + new features/Unlocked features. I switched from the Verizon OS back in 2013 because they discontinued updating my phone. So after playing around with several different ROM developers, CyanogenMod
turned out to be the most stable on my phone compared to AOKP and a few others. This mod required cm-10.1.3-spyder.

Back when the first Androids roamed the planet, the ability to ROOT your phone was very taboo to the unknowing and many people feared bricking (boot cycle where phone never starts again) their phones. Thankfully over the years they have made this ALMOST fool proof. I'll direct you over to the setup I used for my phone model, but please read the warnings before attempting yourself.

Razr Blade

and easy as 1,2,3,4 they take care of rooting your phone step by step.

 Custom ROM
To make sure I don't get any angry messages, you can follow the below link to find the official instructions on installing your ROM of choice. I'm just the messenger. 

Install CM for spyder

Or see video.

Now that you have setup your new OS, go over to this link to get a modification that will make your device WiFi ONLY (if you so choose). The reason for doing this is that no matter how much you turn off your phones signal, it still tries to act like a phone unless you modify the OS to take away those features = Better battery life.

Mod Any Phone Any Rom WiFI Only MOD Disable Cell Radio

Follow the instructions and then boot! For more of an impact I would suggest going into Settings -> Apps and disable any programs that you are not going to use on your device. This is how mine currently looks, and this is after almost 5 days of steady audio use.

I currently use it only with Spotify Offline and Akimbo Player (best audio player for Audio books/lectures, NEVER lose your place!).

Minimal = Excelling.

Have fun modders.

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