Monday, January 20, 2014

From Verizon to Republic Wireless - A Cash Saving Expedition


Anyone else frustrated because you're paying $110 a month for the "best" service but not using it for its full value?

I was paying for unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 2gb's of data for $110 a month WITH military discount. Shameful.

I'm an active guy, sure, but all that money just for a phone?? I needed a way out.

My biggest fear of switching over to a pay-as-you-go line was the payout for cancellation of contract, along with if the service was worth it. I finally made the jump, and it's saving me so much I had to write about it.

So here's the ugly math, simple, yet painful. (Keep in mind that this is for only 1 line, not a family plan.)
$110 x 24(months. Thats what you're signing for with contract (ATLEAST)) = $2640.

2 years of service is more than I paid for my first car, but wait, thats with a FREE phone. The Razr Maxx was $150 when I signed in = $2790 <- ouch.

So I started some research. I used my friends over at to start searching for good suggestions on service, and I found this -

Article 1 - Five Best Pre-Paid Cellphone Carriers
Article 2 - Most Popular Pre-Paid Cellphone Carrier: Republic Wireless

Both GREAT articles to get all your basic answers but I wanted to make sure to do a little research first before jumping.

Article 3 - Republic Wireless Moto X Review: A Great Deal With Very Few Compromises

So, after 2 weeks of CONSTANT research I decided to take a leap of faith after doing some more math. The biggest selling problem with Republic Wireless is that you have to pay full price for the phone and their technology is based off WiFi for primary use. Thankfully my work station has free wifi and my home is where I do most of my work so WiFi works. They also offer Sprint 4G for $40, which is what I went with for traveling.

The phone is the new and amazing Moto X released in 2013. This phone has been sweeping the market for its new technology - Active Notifications and Touchless control.
If you would like to try some of these on your current phone, try hoping over to the play store to see if your phone is compatible!

Active Notifications - Google Play Store
Touchless Control - Google Play Store

So back to the math, here are the new figures for switching (including my payout for contract cancellation)
$40 x 24(months (expected)) =  $960 + $300 (phone) + $190 (exiting my contract) = $1450

That's $1340 of savings for Unlimited text, Unlimited minutes, 5gbs of data

This deal may not be for everyone, but if you use Sprint's Coverage map to see how well your area is covered, you may just end up saving A LOT of cash. For every year you don't break your phone that's only $480.

This is just one mans opinion. Happy hunting. 

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