Monday, April 30, 2012

For Life?

I'm constantly hearing active duty members discussing whether or not their time in the military is going to be for their 20 or 1st contract. Here are a few documentaries that help shed some light on life after the military. Most are green side related.

He Has Seen War:



This is War:

My purpose for posting this is not to spur any type of debate about military service, simply to help make aware the fact that the military does little to any good in making sure you have the ability to rejoin civilian life with a well paying job. And to remember that no matter how shit hot you are in service, you are just another name to an employer. Get specialized and never stop learning.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Current Status - Military

As of now I am set to come back to the US in July of 2012. I will be going to school with the marines for 8 weeks before relocating to Camp Lejeune, NC. More than likely I will be stationed there for a period of 3 years until my current contract ends. I am assigned to 2nd MAR div, which means there may be deployments during that 3 year time period. When I have more details on my arrive times and if I can have visitors at my school in July I will update.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I've noticed in a new Facebook generation that less and less people actually take the time to watch long videos that don't include laughs or something exciting to re-tweet, re-share, etc. But this video and the rest of the videos of the Zeitgeist series are extremely interesting. I would suggest watching them, who knows it may stir up some old coals left from your college days.

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My new Blog

I know, blogs are just as bad as facebook these days but I feel that with this I won't waste HOURS looking through other peoples stuff like I would on facebook. Time to breakaway from the computer world and get ready for the possible deployment I have coming up this year.

If you've followed me here from Facebook then I'm happy to have you keeping tabs, if not then welcome and please contact me with some info if you're interested in anything I post.

Lets start.