Monday, December 22, 2014

Accepted to NC State! (Hundredth Post!)

I am pleased to post that I will be taking my hobby back to college. I'll be trying to focus my skills towards digital design and sculpting. Hoping to work towards Concept art as well.

For all rising NC resident arts in the digital field - after a lot of research I have found that there are not many opportunities in State schools for a Digital Arts degree (BS) with a focus in 3ds Max, Maya, and zBrush. Most of the colleges that focus on zBrush design and digital sculpting are For-Profit schools and private institutions. If you are searching for colleges, I suggest using CollegeBoard College Search to try to track down your degree. !Make sure to contact the school to find out if they actually are funding the degree for that year!

For East Coast I was able to find (Digital Art Degree BS):

  • NC State: Art + Design  
  • SCAD (For-Profit)
  • University of Florida

I was able to find more that offered Graphics Design degrees; however, a Graphics Design degree doesn't cover the art forms that I love, it covers Web Design, Advertising, etc.

If anyone finds some great programs that are not from For-Profit institutions or Private ($40k) please let me know. Looking to relocate to the West coast after graduation if that helps.

Here are the finals that I used to apply and get in to NC State. (in order from Newest to oldest)

Here are my other finals not submitted or made after deadline: (in order from Newest to oldest)


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