Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update 31JAN13

Hope everyone is doing well.

Today we've hit a harsh storm, the ship is rocking pretty hard and we've had our hands full making sure all our marines are doing ok against sea-sickness.

My kindle broke last night, we had to redo our living arrangements and put even more of our gear into our coffin lockers and when I put my kindle in there last night it mistakenly got crushed. Heavy blow, considering that was my main source of entertainment. Looking to buy and new one as soon as I get back, and hoping that won't be too difficult because I want the older ones that use the e-ink screens, no touch screen (2nd gen). The new Kindle Fires are nice but they are just tablets in disguise, and I don't want the distractions. If anyone with good internet could send me good links to cases that would work well for deployments (waterproof, sand proof, hard shell, etc) that would be amazing. I'll be watching on my email: if anyone gets a chance to get that to me.

We are prepping for a main drill for mass casualties, getting ready to do a project off ship and staying pretty busy. I've enjoyed all the emails and messages, always brings a smile.

GREAT BOOKS to check out:

499 things to do before you die
Dead Zone - Stephen King
Carrie - Stephen King
Misery - Stephen King

Sadly that list will have to wait to grow until I get my next kindle. Take care everyone.

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