Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update - 20JAN13

A week out so far, back on shore to pick up some more personnel and then back out. Its been a rough first week out, working 17+ hour days. There has been a few mix ups so far and a lot of set backs already but working through everything day by day. Major issue is sleep hours, terrible sleeping conditions and terrible noise/cold issues. I miss my "rack" back in Lejeune compared to these coffins. Word is still confusing, and systems are still slow with our people. I've had to go up against higher ups at-least a half-dozen times to make sure my marines are getting everything they need to keep out of bad times. One of the great perks about being "Doc".

So far things are going amazing with my marines, getting really close to a lot of them and found some great new friends. Planning a trip for Puerto Rico when I get back for some R & R with a new friend from there.

Working on reading at least 1 book a week and currently studying Arabic. Check out "The Dead Zone"- Stephen King for a great short reader that takes place in the early 1960-70's and follows a man who is in a coma for 5 years. Love the romance side that King decided to use in the book.

Slow progress on my educational side of things, but just waiting for more hours to work with, not wanting to do much besides sleep with 17hr work days. I've found people who want to learn computer systems, so I'm bringing all my A+ certification lessons on-board and teaching while we're underway, I also have a buddy working with my Spanish.

I miss my camera already, so many moments I wish I could capture every day. I will have more to post in about 30+ days but for now I'm back to other things.

No contact information yet. Working on getting access for my marines 1st, then I'll let you know for me. Talk to everyone soon.

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